Special Marriage Act,1954:

Title Description
Services Marriage Registration
Responsible Officer

Assistant Commissioner, Middle Andaman

Ph:- 274248

Assistant Commissioner, Diglipur

Ph:- 271888

Assistant Commissioner, (HQ)

Ph:- 273208

  • Form-IV Application for Registration of Marriage Act 154 (XLIII of 1954) (See Rule 7(a))
  • The Notice of Intended Marriage as per The Second Schedule (See Section 5)

Address to the:

    • Registrar of Marriage,

      Assistant Commissioner, Middle Andaman for Middle Andaman Sub-division

      Assistant Commissioner, Diglipur for North Andaman Sub-division

    • Registrar issues Marriage Notice in second schedule to Parties —> Marriage Officer enter a true copy of notice in the Marriage notice book —> Notice published by affixing a copy thereof to some conspicuous place in the office —> After the expiry of thirty day from the date of notice of an intended marriage has been published the marriage may be solemnized (if any objections are not given by anyone within this period).

Declaration by parties and witness: Before the marriage is solemnized the parties and three witness shall, in the presence of the marriage officer, sign a declaration in the form specified in the ‘thirds Schedule’ to this Act. And the declaration shall be counter signed by the marriage officer.

Certificated of marriage: when the marriage has been solemnized the marriage officer shall enter a certificate thereof in the form specified in the fourth schedule in a book to be kept by him/her for that purpose. Such certificate shall be signed by the parties to the marriage and the three witness.

Whenever a marriage is not solemnized within three calendar months from the date on which thereof has been given to the marriage officer, the notice and all other proceedings arising therefrom shall be deemed to have lapsed.

Documents Required
  1. Any one of these as the proof of Identity for the applicant:
    • Electoral Photo Identity card
    • Islanders Identity Card
    • Passport
    • Local certificate
    • Family Identity Card
  2. Any one of these as Age Proof for both partner:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Matriculation Certificate
    • School leaving Certificate.
    • Wedding Card, Nikh Naama/ Marriage Certificate
  3. Two passport size photographs of both (Bride & Bridegroom) with three stamp size photo to be physically present before the Marriage Officer along with witness and proof must sign before the Marriage Officer at the time of application and registration.
  4. Individual Affidavit from both of them as prescribed.
  5. Challan payable Rs. 3/- for every notice of intended marriage or application for the registration of marriage.


  • Male should be above 21 years and female should be above 18 years.
  • Both should be unmarried for fresh marriages.
  • Both should be unrelated.
  • Three Witnesses to be present at the time of solemnization of marriage.
  • Challan payable `50/- at the time of solemnization/ registration of marriage.
  • Sign the register after 30 days Notice Period in the Registrar Office along with three witness with Identity proof.
  • Request of marriage registration will be cancelled after expiry of 3 months, if not registered.

Challan payable if approved – Rs 50/-

Registration of Society under Society Registration Act 1860 (Act No.21 of 1860):

Title Description
Services Society Registration under Society Registration Act.
Responsible Officer

Assistant Commissioner(HQ) Deputy Commissioner’s Office, N&M Andaman

Ph: 03192- 273208

  • Application in Plain Paper addressed to Registrar of Joint Stock Company (Deputy Commissioner(N&MA)), along with necessary documents.
  • DC —> AC(HQ) —> DA —>AC(HQ) issue Letter —> Tehsildar for Revenue Report & Police for Character and Antecedents of the members —>Received Reports for approval by DC —> If approved —> DA issue Challan & Certificate issued else Incomplete Report/Claim & Notice is issued to Applicant.
Documents Required
  • Three Sets of Bye-Laws & Memorandum of Association duly signed by the first three members (with rubber seal) i.e., President, General Secretary and Treasurer on all pages.


  • Minimum seven (7) members of the governing body form a society.
  • Full address indicating village / ward / house no, if any, of all Executive members and Office bearers with signatures.
  • Full address of the society / organization indicating the place of function
  • NOC of the house owner on a bond paper duly signed before Executive Magistrate, if the Society Office is functioning in private building.
Fee  Challan payable if approved – Rs 50/-.

Registration of Vessel under IV Act, 1917:

Title Description
Services Registration of Vessel under Indian Vessel Act 1917.
Responsible Officer

Shri Manoj, LGC

Deputy Commissioner’s Office, N & M Andaman

Ph: 03192- 273027

  • Application in Plain Paper addressed to the District Magistrate (N & MA), along with necessary documents
  • Applicant sign in Form II before DM & Deposit Reg. fee —> For approval by DC —> If approved —> Registration no. intimated to applicant —> Submit insurance of vessel —> DA issue Challan & Reg. Certificate else Incomplete Report/Claim & Notice is issued to Applicant.
Documents Required
  • Surveyor’s declaration in Form No.3B obtained from the Assistant Marine Engineer-I, DSS, Port Blair and the Harbour Master, Port Management Board, A&N Islands, Port Blair.
  • Description of the Motor vessel in Form No.IV.
  • Declaration of ownership in Form II which has to be signed by the applicant in presence of the Registering Authority.
  • Proof of identity.
  • Photograph of the vessel with passenger capacity displayed onboard the vessel at a conspicuous place.


Rs 25/- p.a


For renewal, the applicant may apply on a plain paper along with Surveyor’s declaration in Form No.3B obtained from the Assistant Marine Engineer-I, DSS, Port Blair and the Harbour Master, Port Management Board, A&N Islands, Port Blair and valid insurance in respect of the vessel.