Emergency Operation Centre (EOC)



The District Administration, North & Middle Andaman District being District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) established a dedicated Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) at Mayabunder functioning 24×7 as District Emergency Operation Centre (DEOC). The Tehsildar, Mayabunder is the In-Charge of the EOC, Mayabunder. Moreover, the District is established and functioning 24×7 Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) at Diglipur, Rangat as well as Control Room at Baratang and Long Island respectively to coordinate actions and make critical decisions at the time of emergency due to any type of Disaster such as Major Earthquake, Cyclone, Floods, Tsunami, Land Slide and Epidemic etc., in the district.

Emergency Operation Centre (EOC), Mayabunder is well equipped with trained staffs, communication equipment like telephone connections with internet, fax machine, VOIP, VHF, satellite phone etc., along with newly installed electronic display board for providing early warning signals received from INCOIS in case of Tsunami. It is also equipped with sufficient Search and Rescue (SAR) equipment, relief materials which can be utilized as and when required in any disaster. The phone numbers of EOC are 1070, 273138, 262960, and 273537 (F) and Email ID is Any person can contact this number to seek material information about any disaster and avail assistance during a disaster.

Besides, as a part of Pan-India implementation of ONE INDIA ONE EMERGENCY NUMBER, a single Helpline number “112” under National Emergency Response Support System (NERS) is functioning 24×7 in the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC), Mayabunder through which provide the services of the various department like Police Service – 100, Fire Service- 101, Ambulance Service- 102, Women Help- 181, Disaster Response- 108, etc., to the general public under one umbrella. A person in distress can contact for assistance in the Helpline number “112”.


Soon after receipt of a distress call or message of any incident:-

  • Intimate it to the Responsible officer District Magistrate/Deputy Commissioner (N&MA)
  • Activate siren according to the guidelines/SOP and order of the responsible authority
  • The information may receive from any of the agencies such as MET Deptt./INCOIS/Police/Tehsil/State Control Room/Any other reliable Govt. source/Community.
  • It will alert and inform the concerned officers about the warnings and messages received by it and pass instructions received from DDMA to Nodal Officer (DM) of concerned line departments.
  • An SMS GATEWAY has been installed in the EOC through which group SMS is disseminated to the concerned officers.
  • Assessment of the situation by the ground level authority viz. Police, Revenue Officials, PRIs
  • Co-ordinate actions and make/convey critical decisions at the time of emergency and disaster to all the officers of line departments for effective communication and response.
  • Coordination and control are maintained by the District EOC with other EOC, Control Room and State Control Room as well as police control rooms.

Control Room Numbers for North and Middle Andaman

Sl No Control Room Phone Number Fax In-charge Mobile Number
1 EOC Mayabunder

03192-262960,03192-273138,03192-262999,03192-273207, 1070, 112 (NERS)

03192-273137 /03192-262997 Shri C.S Pillai, Tehsildar 9434262697

Control Room, Long Island

N. Mohammed Shafique, Patwari 9531970356
3 EOC Rangat 03192-274111 Kiranjit, Patwari 9476010010
4 EOC Diglipur 03192-272241 03192-272240 Lijit Chitresh, Patwari 9531907497
5 Control Room, Baratang 03192-273595 03192-273596 Siva, Patwari 9531836386
6 Civil Supplies, Control Room 03192-273029 03192-273029 Gyan Singh, Assistant Director 9476002598
7 ERSS Control Room 112, 03192-262611 03192-273137 Mahendar, ASI, Police Radio 9434266000
8 Police Control Room 100, 03192-273203 03192-273203 Usman Ali, SHO, Mayabunder 9434298113
9 Ambulance Control Room 102, 03192-273215 03192-273555 Dr. P K Palit, MO (I/C), Dr. R P Hospital, Mayabunder 9474249723