Statutory Function & District Administration Activities

North And Middle Andaman

Statutory Functions DC North and Middle Andaman:
SI No Title
1 Arms Act
2 Cinematography
3 Inland Vessel Act,1917
4 Indian Citizenship Act
5 Indian Partnership Act
6 Registrar of Companies, Companies Act,1956
7 Registrar under Indian Registration Act
8 District Election Officer for A & N Islands Parliamentary Constituency
9 Chairman, Novadaya Vidhyalaya
10 Chairman Nehru Yuva Kendra
11 Paper Registration
12 A&N Island (Protection of Aboriginal tribes) Regulation 1956
13 Society Registration Act
Activities of the District Administration
Title Description
Revenue Functions
  1. Enforcement of A & N Island Land Revenue & Land Reforms Regulation,1966 and A & N Island Land Revenue & Land Reforms Rules,1968.
  2. All works associated with management and transaction of Land.
Maintenance of Law and order
  1. Law and Order arrangements and Public-Safety.
  2. Discharging functions as envisaged in the Criminal Procedure code, 1973.
Statutory Functions
  1. Discharging functions as envisaged under various statutes.
  2. Regulatory and Monitoring functions of certain services.
Disaster Management District Administration is wholly responsible for the formulation of District Disaster Management Plan and Relief & Rehabilitation in case of any disaster in this District.