Prior to Independence a small steam driven reciprocating DG generator of 100 KW capacity was installed by the British at Ross Island in 1926. Direct current DG Sets of 100 KW capacity was installed at Port Blair during 1929. After independence two steam turbine generating sets of 550 KW each were established during 1951 in the Power House at Chatham Island. The boilers were operated on wood fuel and saw dust, which were the waste products of Chatham Saw Mill and later on switched over to Mangrove Wood which was used as fuel. This was the start of the alternating current power supply at Port Blair.

Due to the geographical and topographical peculiarities of these islands, including separation by sea over great distances, there is no single power grid for all the electrified islands and instead a power house caters independently to the power requirements of an area.

We work for 24 X 365 days with our aim for providing safe and uninterrupted power supply in whole Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

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